DP Labs is the leader in migration, inspection and cloud optimization for digital archives

Digital Media Recovery
Advanced Image Lineage Verification QC
Digital Picture Exchange (DPX) Metadata Inspection
Archive eXchange Format (AXF) Creation & Verification
Preservation Cloud Optimization Through Image Dehydration™


MetaLoupe is the actual software we use here in the lab to evaluate and repair metadata for sequential images. MetaLoupe will auto-detect the type of imagery you are inspecting and allow you to easily restripe bad metadata prior to ingest to a long term preservation system.

Image Lineage QC

Image Lineage Verification examines two disparate images (i.e. different resolution, colorspace or interpolation) and shows the differences, if any.  Great for determining the source version for a BluRay or even determining if two film scans had the same source.

Data Migration

DP Labs has the largest support for legacy digital linear and helical magnetic data tape.  Physical format support includes Travan, LTO, Sony DTF, SDLT, Mammoth, DLT and SAIT.  Our process determines what was used to create the tape: Tar, Retrospect, Tivoli, BRU, and more!

Image Dehydration™

This cloud optimization technology can be used to reduce the cost of uncompressed imagery in cloud storage by 50-75%. Unlike a traditional transcoding process, post-reconstitution of all files can be verified with a hash (MD5). Dramatic cost savings occur immediately.